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About Us

Josco founded in 1972, is an established Footwear Company operating in South India and the Gulf Countries. Josco has been carrying out its operations under two brands Miami Cushion and Fischer.

Paper Bag'The Methiyadi Stop' is an innovative retail concept introduced by Josco to sell the unique Methiyadi Footwear designed and registered by Josco. The 'STOP' offers the FUN and EXCITEMENT of creating a unique Methiyadi of your choice. Here you can MIX n MATCH from an array of delightful colours ranging from Hot Pink To Cool Blue To Funky Orange...


Know your Know your Methiyadi Better better

Methiyadi, inspired by the ancient wooden Padukas, is made from a blend of natural rubber from the world famous rubber plantations of God’s Own Country-Kerala. Methiyadi is designed for total comfort. Methiyadi’s are joint free to minimize breakage. The mushroom shaped knob in front is designed to fit snuggly between the toes to provide a firm grip, while the rubber straps are designed to fit comfortably around the contours of the feet.